“Demain”, to build a better world

Film’s poster

The strength of “Demain” remain in the fact they are focusing more on solutions than on problems. We are all aware of Climate Change and the damages it causes, but few of us are aware of solutions to help other than cutting water while we are brushing our teeth and privileging showers over baths. Those examples are steps that are very important to follow and apply but in “Demain“, Melanie Laurent, Cyril Dion and their team go further and show bigger solutions with a bigger impact.

Alexandre Leglise, Cyril Dion, Melanie Laurent and Laurent Cercleux who traveled the world.

The idea of that movie grew when in 2014, Melanie Laurent a famous french actress and director was pregnant of her first child. A friend of her told her about a report from a NASA scientist, which revealed the possible extinction of our species in 40 years, and she started to questioned herself about the world her son will grow up in. With Cyril Dion, a known activist for whom the planet and solutions to make it better are very important, they decided to do a globetrotting documentary across the planet to highlights solutions established by people to prevent that announced disaster.

Thanks to the crowdfunding platform “Kiss Kiss Bank Bank“, they gathered the missing money they needed. More 444.390€ from 10266 persons allowed them to go over 9 countries to film and meet people that make a difference.

Budget details

©Kiss Kiss Bank Bank

Demain is a practical manual to anyone who feel powerless in front of climate change. The documentary follows clear steps to allow the make deep change in the way we are living.

First, they show how necessary it is to change our way of eating and producing food, through different figures as Charles and Perrine Herve-Gruyer, avid user of permaculture in their farm.

Charles and Perrine Herve-Gruyer
©Huffington Post

Then they had a look on the energy we are consuming to be able to produce it, through different examples as Copenhaguen a model of city in ecological transition, but also through the industry Pocheco, which is eco-responsible using ecolonomy.

After having an idea on how to change our way to produce food and energy, they had a look at the economic model we are living with to produce that energy. We wanted to show”it’s possible to create currencies (supplementary to traditional currencies) designed to finance the changes we need as organic food, renewable energy, insulation, schools, world hunger, etc…” Explained Melanie Laurent and Cyril Dion on the Documentary webpage.

The travel does not stop there, because after talking about food, energy and economy, they focused on the political system that promotes that economic model, and then the final part is about education, that allow us to be informed citizens about the world we are living in.

Elango Rangaswamy, a protagosnist
©Huffington Post

The documentary was released in France in December and was also projected for the opening of the World Climate Summit 2015 in Paris, in front of a hundred or world leaders.

In “Demain“, examples and models are not emanating from States and governments, but from citizens, from “common” people that have decided to make a change and to bring solutions for our planet.

Here is the trailer translated in English


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