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Pocheco, a green enterprise

Pocheco and its employees
©Demain le Film

Pocheco is an enterprise manufacturing envelopes close to Lille, North of France.

That enterprise is not like any other, because Pocheco founded the “Ecolonomie” concept. That made up word, came from the contraction of the two french words “ecologique and economie”. Translated in English, it means ecological saving.  This concept remains in three distinct principals:

  • to reduce environmental impact and prevent pollution
  • to reduce working risks and painfulness
  • to improve productivity and the enterprise activity


Highlighted by the documentary “Demain“, Pocheco is now a row model for any other enterprise. When the enterprise invested more than 15 millions of euros over the last 15 years to reduce their ecological footprint, they also saved more that 15 millions euros. This is the perfect example that ecology can work and bring you money, even after a big investment on it.

Pocheco’s building

Here, everything has been rethink to reduce our environment impact, to reduce work painfulness and to enhance our productivity. If one of these aspects is not working, then we will reevaluate everything again, until it works” explained Kevin Franco, “Circle of Life” specialist in the enterprise.

The outside:

Built in 1975, the factory has been completely rebuilt over the last decade to respect all the objectives fixed.

The ancient red bricks’ walls have been replaced by concrete covered by larch. Roofs are covered with colorful sedum, a kind of climbing plants adapted to North of France climate. “ It isolate much better from warm and cold weather” emphasized Kevin Franco. In addition of being economic, heating and air conditioner saving, it is also nice to look at.

Pocheco’s roof

Added to the plants, they are also photo voltaic panels that produce 5% of the electricity used by the enterprise, hives that produces honey and many birds as the site as been classified “refuge zone” by  the French Birds Protection League. All of that on the roof of a enterprise manufacturing envelopes.

The inside:

Pocheco’s building is not ecological only from the outside, but only in the inside.

The heat released from the huge compressors is recovered in big blue pipes used to heat up the building during winter. They also created a system of adiabatic conditioning that prevent from releasing heat outside of the building. All those innovations, allowed the company to save more than 200 000 euros in heating and air conditioning.

The inside of the building, where we can see the blue pipes

Ink and Envelops:

Progress does not stop to the building but expand to the manufacturing of those envelops. The amount of paper waste for envelopes’ cutting is selling then recycled. The vegetal roof allow to recover rainwater, then used to dilute ink, clean chines and to supply toilets’ water.

The water, defiled by the ink is then sent to a station where 80 bamboos are cleaning the water, then sent back to the building, ready to be used again.

When enterprises are thinking short term to be profitable quickly, we are thinking long term. When many other enterprise closed or had to cut jobs, we never have to do it, we even hired more people” added Kevin Franco.

Emmanuel Druon, owner
©Les Echos

But we do not have to forget that we are talking here about a enterprise manufacturing envelopes, which imply the use of lots of paper. How are we making paper? By cutting trees, which is not very ecological. Pocheco is consuming more than 10 000 tons of paper each year, which imply to cut more than 70 000 trees, which is a lot.

It seems that Pocheco has always one step ahead because Emmanuel Druon, the owner of the society and the one who is behind all those decisions, decided to associate with a Finnish paper manufacturers (UPM Society), with whom everytime one tree is cut, three are planted in return. And that is not it, Pocheco is also planting trees, more than 10 000 each year on different sectors all the the region.



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