Riverford Farm,

Riverford Vegetables

Back in 1993, Guy Watson, a veg lover from Devon in United-Kingdom, started to delivered from the back of an old Citroën, fresh and organic veg boxes, to his friends and family. Those vegetables, grown on his parents’ farm, the family owned since 1951.

Today, Guy Watson delivered more than 47 000 veg boxes all across UK each week. Obviously he is not crossing UK, driving his French old car and delivering that amount of boxes by himself. Guy Watson is now helped by 4 farms and more than 400 employees.

Here is how Riverford scheme started. Today it is not only about vegetables and fruits, but the farm is now also the host to a butchery dairy and a bakery farm. Most of all, the family’s farm is not the only one in the equation, it also has 3 British sisters strewed in Cambridgeshire, North Yorkshire and Hampshire and even a French one. The French one aimed to fill the ‘hungry gap’ around May and June; when UK winter crops have reached an end and the summer crops are not ready yet to be exploited.

Guy Watson
Guy Watson

Guy Watson determination to break the supermarket stranglehold on quality and supply seems to be a real success from UK households, who voted for Riverford scheme which won the Observer Ethical Awards 2015 – Ethical Product of the Decade. That award is not the only one, since 2008, the farm won at least a prize a year from the BBC Farmer of the Year 2012  to the Best Ethical Business 2009, Observer Ethical Awards and the Best Organic Retailer at the Natural and Organic Awards 2013 only to named a few.
To what the multi millionaire, BBC Farmer of the year answered ” with the right ethos, sustainability and success can go hand in hand”.

C R A S H   T E S T:

We often admitted that organic has a cost, which is why it is also important to highlights that Riverford products are affordable. This is why I tried myself the Riverford experience.

Living in Leeds, Yorkshire, my location is depending on the North Yorkshire farm and my deliver’s name is Chris Long. The website really well cluttered and easy to use provide Chris’ phone number and email in case you need it, which give a feeling of proximity. One day after I registered and made my order for the week after, Chris Long called me to be sure of the address detailed I entered and to fix a time to deliver the week after.

The Wednesday morning (day of weekly delivery) I was fidgeting, really impatient to discover my box. Every weekend you can see what is going to be delivered the Wednesday after, so you can choose between a Veg Box Original or one with less roots, if you are not a big fan of potatoes and onions.

Here is the Small Fruit & Veg box (less roots) I payed 13.95£ and suitable as indicated for 1-2 person for the week. It has been now 2 months that I am weekly receiving one of those boxes and I am fully satisfied by those tasteful and organic fruits and vegetables.

©Preserving Tomorrow

For further information, or to order a boxes follow that link : http://www.riverford.co.uk/



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